The gist of it

Almost 20 years ago I walked into my first “real” corporate job. I had just resigned as assistant editor of a local lifestyle magazine and I knew exactly how NOT to run a business (HA!). My job was to establish a marketing department for a group of almost 15 (at that time) companies, all in the engineering industry. Great opportunity right? One catch though, I didn’t get a budget, I had to break even within the first 4 months of operation and run this function as a business unit.

Soon I got to know phenomena like the “Cigarette Box Logo Design Methodology” and the “Friends & Family Recruitment Plan”. To be honest, I can’t remember if I did break even in the first 4 months, but I was employed for another 3 years until I tried out my hand at “Doing My Own Thing” for the first time. So I guessed I did accomplish something… Spark Inc. is the culmination of more than 20 years in the communications profession and a combination of all my greatest loves: Writing, Speaking, Message Translation, Motivation, Strategy.  With the valuable experience from my first corporate job, through the adventure of entrepreneurial endeavours and non-for-profit organisations. I wish to add value where I am, employing this hard-earned experience and unique skill-set to benefit you! Welcome to my world!

– Surisa

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I don’t work alone, here are some of the hand-picked people I work with (which means you benefit from their expertise too):

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