Igniting Potential

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

Unlike all the other content I generate and manage for clients, this website is just mine. Combining all the things I love doing and offering services that add value and makes a difference: Strategy, writing, speaking, organizing, designing and helping people to communicate better.

Tea and a book and a cat

The common denominator in all my endeavours over a 20-odd year career, be it corporate positions or entrepreneurial ventures, has always been to ignite potential and translate concepts into reality, for organisations and individuals.

I am passionate about igniting potential. Potential in people, projects, organisations and plans. Spark Inc. was born out of many years in the corporate communications field, sustainable development and as an entrepreneur.

I have been involved in the rapid development and refreshment of over 50 brands and communication strategies, from concept phase to change management and stakeholder engagement stage. I have a passion to empower fellow entrepreneurs and love working in the SME space where a little change can have a great impact.

My unique methodologies guarantee communication strategies and tools that serve the business strategy and realise the potential that may be unlocked when we challenge our concepts of who we can be and what our business may become.

I invite you to join and share in my musings, odd wisdoms and experience.