to  write  the  right  word

Everything starts with words. It sparks interest, curiosity, relationships, business deals, wars, and peace. The right words could make all the difference, or the right words in the wrong place could really result in things going pear-shaped. While correct grammar and spelling are essential for a professional piece of communication, algorithms can never produce nuance, empathy, and intent.
Expert copywriting is essential in reaching your audience in such a way that your communication is clear, authentic, and articulate.  It has become even more so in a time of Zoom meetings, on-line communication and off-site workers. You need to design your wording to get the desired response. With more than twenty years of experience in all levels of the communication industry, I have accumulated insight and understanding of stakeholders and communication. My passion is to employ the perfect words to match the purpose and audience. My purpose is to deliver a well-crafted message to the intended audience.
My writing portfolio includes; ghostwriting of articles, manuscripts and blogs, manuscript translation and editing, content generation, company profile, personal profiles, PowerPoint creation, and social media campaign messaging. My expertise is finding the right way to communicate the right message, no matter the subject matter. I have written car reviews, sustainability articles, articles on architecture, climate change, and social justice.
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