Are the strategy services relevant for start-ups and small businesses?

Absolutely. In fact if you are just starting out or are a small enterprise, now is the perfect time to align your communication strategy with your business plan. It gives you focus and direction while you do what you should – build your business.

How long does a rapid review take?

It depends on the size of the organisation. If you are a one-(wo)man outfit or a small enterprise it can be as quick as two days with a report. If you are a bigger organisation it can take up to 5 working days.

Is personal branding on-line important?

Let me ask this in return. Why do you think you need a personal brand intervention? Are you making a career or lifestyle change? Are you looking for a job? In today’s life if you don’t have a LinkedIn Profile, recruiters won’t find you. And ANYBODY can Google you. Beware what you post and where you post. So in short YES, personal branding on-line is important. You don’t need to be visible everywhere, but make sure that where you are visible you are broadcasting an image of authenticity, value and consistency.

Can you help with brand development?

I love brand development. I have been a graphic designer for the first part of my career and understand the translation needed between the dream in your head and the graphic designer’s output. I can help you define your philosophy and why and package it to make impact and link you with some of the best graphic designers in the business. The best part? It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but you will get more than and arm and a leg’s worth of value!

On which Social Media platforms should I be?

It depends on which social media platforms your stakeholders engaging. You need to speak to the people that matter where they are, otherwise you are wasting time and money! Once again, you don’t need to be everywhere; rather ensure that where you are, are worth the time and effort.

Post a question!

If you have a question, please share it on our Facebook site @IgnitingPotential or email me at info@sparkinc.co.za.


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Strategic  Communication

Strategic Communication

This portfolio of services equips your organisation with easy-to-use maps and plans to implement your communication strategy in order to make your business vision a reality.

Rapid Review

Basically comparing your current communication activities with your initial business strategy. Clients receive a report that shows how near or far off the mark your activities are with suggested ways of capitilizing on strengths or how to adapt your activities to serve the business strategy more successfully.

Cost depends on the size of the organisation, starting at R5000 for a start-up or one-person company.

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A convenient tool to help you keep it all together: Business Strategy, Communication Strategy, Strategic Objectives, Stakeholder Map, Messaging, Toolkit and Activities Calendar; all in one place, concise, measurable and implementable.

The Dashboard is your map to ensure strategic communication on all levels. The price depends on the size of the organisation but starts at R6000 for a small or start-up entity.

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personal  branding

Personal Branding

It seems to be the flavour of the decade…Personal Branding. The Spark Inc products provide quick solutions, long-term self-development or creative group workshops that are all based on brand development methodologies in the corporate world. The three pillars all of these are built on are: Values, Skills and Purpose.

Lighting the Fuse Workshop

A creative and fun four-hour workshop where you are introduced to three tools that can help you map out your journey to discover your authentic brand. These three are: A Brand Map, Promise Statement Formula and Build-a-Badge Creativity session.

This is a great workshop for anybody finding themselves at the crossroads in their career or life. You will leave with a clear idea of what you can be and what your skills are. Based on corporate branding principles you will discover your authentic brand based on values, skills and purpose.

It is a fantastic team activation, special treat for clients or friends or an incentive for your employees.

Minimum group of 5, Maximum group of 20 @R800 (Venue and catering excluded)

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Lighting the Fuse Programme

The programme is a detailed process where you are guided through the Brand Map Journey until you can formulate with confidence who you want to be, what your purpose is and how you would like to implement it. This programme is especially helpful if you are considering changing your long, wordy CV into a concise Professional Profile.

It is also a great programme for self-development and to find your feet if you are just starting out on a career path or changing course completely.

Price depends on your needs: Combined with the CV to Profile offer: R5000, Programme only: R3500

I am interested in the Lighting the Fuse Programme.

CV to Personal Profile

Gone are the days of the long-worded CV. Potential employees and clients don’t have the time to read through pages of text and they often check your application on a smart device. Information must be packaged in a visually effective way, making it easy for any reader to find the information that would get you hired.

If you are interested in the product, mail us. For only R3 000 you can get a beautifully designed profile that is editable. Once you have paid your 50% deposit, you will receive a link to an on-line form where you submit the information that goes into the profile. If you are unsure of how to write this or need guidance in how to package your unique skill-set you can add an extra R750 for a evaluation session.

Build-A-Badge for Teens

A creative session where there are strict house rules….allocated screen time, no negative vibes, fun and inspiration. Through the elements of heraldry, we design our own badges that represent our strengths, top skills and who we want to be. This becomes a visual reminder of always striving to project and be the best version of yourself. Painting, drawing and vision boarding are all allowed, as long as you stick with the rules of compassion and positivity for yourself and others.

This is a great self-development project for young people who are inundated with negative self-image, tough competition and the load of insecurity that comes with being a teenager.

Minimum group 5, maximum 15 @ R250 per person (venue and catering excluded).

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words  on  demand

Words on Demand

The pen (keyboard) is indeed mightier than the sword, but if you brought a sword to a gun-fight you have a bit of a problem. We offer a seamless on-line service that will translate your words into the perfect message that will resonate with the intended audience to get the desired response. From a staff e-mail to website content, we produce word that embody your brand voice.

Short Copy

This is anything from a paragraph of text to about two pages of copy. It might be an e-mail, newsletter, short video scripts or advertising blurbs.

You are charged per word, not per hour. Average cost at R3,00 per word, getting cheaper with bulk jobs.

Short copy quote please.

Long Copy

Long copy includes company profiles, website text, presentations or proposals. You will deal with copywriters skilled in the art of crafting a message to represent your brand voice in such a way that it will resonate with your audience. Once you have that one document, copy can be used on almost any platform. This enhances your brand voice, consistency and stakeholder engagement.

Price is approximately R2.50 per word, depending of the size of the document or project.

I would like a quote for Long Copy.

edu-vational  speaker

Eduvational speaker

Teaching and knowledge sharing is one of my great loves. It is incredibly rewarding to share my experience and knowledge and ignite someone into action. Group facilitations, workshops or short talks, I craft my content to suit your audience and strategic objectives.

Lighting the Fuse: Discovering your authentic brand

Are you juggling too many hats? Or has a hat that you have been wearing for a long time been taken away, misplaced or not fitting anymore? In the hour talk I share my experience from wearing too many hats and how I found ways of defining myself without hats. We all are destined for greatness, we just need to take the leap and find our fire.

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Going the extra Mile: Business lessons running taught me

Running your own business is exactly like training and running a marathon. Trust me, I have done both! From finding your Why, Having a PLAN, The importance of a Support Team and Cutting out the Noise – all of those are lessons learned from sticking to my training program, having the discipline and resilience that helped me to get through the tough times as an entrepreneur.

In this talk I share personal development and business tools that helps me in my epic race in becoming the best version of me.

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Silocitis – The cure for corporate silo-thinking

When a baby is born, she (or he) perceives herself to be part of her mother’s body for the first couple of months. Then she discovers her fingers and toes and the rest of the world.

We are all system-beings, connected to each other and the world around us. But formal schooling and culture trains that right out our brains. We start to learn subjects in separate boxes, different disciplines separate from each other and end up in the work place where all functions of the organisation operates separately in their own silo’s. In a human body we have the intricate and super sophisticated nervous system that conveys two-way messages from all over the body to the brain and back, ensuring that when there is a problem somewhere we know about it and deal with it. In an organisation, more often than not, our communication system is completely defective and sometimes only realise we have a problem once we are on life support or need to amputate a limb.

In this talk I share the 10 key elements of communication as cure to organisational Silocitis and how you can implement it to ensure a healthy organisational body.

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ecosystem  management

ecosystem management

No longer do we do business and talk at people.  Not if we want to build long-term relationships and trust, that is. We take part in a dialogue between needs and demands, constantly custom making and innovating to add value and stay relevant. Events, facilitation, e-mail newsletters and social media are all tools that will help you stay relevant and in touch.

Social Media Management

We offer strategy and stakeholder based social media management. Our focus is using the relevant platforms for your audience not the most. We have a social media planner that ensures strategic relevance and bi-directional communication between your brand and your stakeholders. We can design, write, research and source relevant content that enhance your messages and brand voice.

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Events could be a powerful tool in your communication toolbox. But it could also be incredibly expensive and wasteful. Using your company’s strategic objectives as guideline and matching that with the stakeholders that are most relevant to your success, we craft events that will leave your attendees feeling valued. It is all about relationships and the value you, as a company, can add to their lives. This we do, all the while sourcing locally, being mindful of budget and non-wastage, carbon footprint and impact.

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There are so many ways of creating more awareness around your company and offerings. E-mail newsletters are very effective tools if the content is structured and aimed at a specific audience and built for a specific campaign. Let us help you craft a winning campaign or improve the sign-ups on your platform by creating newsletters that are text light, high in value and visually appealing.

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